Advanced Composer with Virtual Robot
Online learning is no longer the future..


Online learning is happening NOW!


We make robotics available to all with a virtual robot that allows full online remote control. No expensive hardware is needed, just a computer, tablet or mobile device with an active internet connection. Create and immediately see the result performed live on your screen, wherever you are.


Play & Discover

Young and old, boy or girl, everybody must be able to learn creatively. 

The most important step in nurturing interest in science is making the curriculum fascinating. In a playful way, we help children and young adults with their first steps into coding, programming and robotics. With our virtual robot talent is developed, explored and expanded.

Many practical aspects of STEM can be learned by applying them onto robots. Skills that students have acquired via STEM offer a solid foundation to succeed in school and later in life.


The Virtual Robot is..
  • First ever online tool to combine with a virtual robot
  • Continuously updated
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Fully compatible with real-life robots
And more..
  • Share your work with friends or social media
  • Simple and Advanced composer for different target groups
  • Integrate with external services and websites
Coming soon:
  • Personalise your own virtual robot
  • Manage a virtual world
  • Control devices inside a virtual home
  • Share you work with our community
  • Create your own color theme

Partner program

Corporate Benefits: Benefits at work


Members of corporate benefits can receive a discount on the virtual robot subscription fee.

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