Be the BOSS with ZBOS.

ZBOS stands for ZoraBots Operating System. ZBOS makes hardware and software talk and understand each other, so they can really work together, anytime, anywhere, in any situation.


The RAIL System

The RAIL Stack with Cloud, Kiosk, Control, Speech Layer and Robot Hardware





The Robot Artificial Independent Layer

is at the core of the ZBOS. This software layer forms a bridge between our universal robot platform and the platform specific implementation for each robot. It makes sure that all our applications seamlessly work on every supported robot and that new robots can be supported in no-time. 

ZBOS Control

ZBOS Control enables you to control your robots. You can make the robots move, speak in multiple languages, make and play compositions, look through the eyes of the robots and so much more!

Some features:
  • Full remote control of your robot via local network or cloud connection
  • Create a map of your surroundings, create points-of-interest and let your robot navigate between them
  • Create tailored surveys and quizzes in your business or personal style
  • Access security footage taken by your robot
  • Initiate a bidirectional audio and video stream between your smartphone and your robot, from anywhere in the world
  • Create complex sequences of tasks (compositions) for your robot 
ZBOS Control running on a tablet in dark mode
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Additionally, you can use an online version of ZBOS Control from any webbrowser using our Cloud platform. ZBOS Control Cloud Platform.

ROS™ Support

ROS logo
What is ROS?

The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a set of software libraries and tools that help you build robot applications. From drivers to state-of-the-art algorithms, and with powerful developer tools, ROS has what you need for your next robotics project. And it's all open source.

See an overview of the hundreds of robots running on ROS today.

ROS is a trademark of Open Robotics.

Areas of application

  • Focused on your patients
  • Engage young patients in a new way
  • Take away tedious tasks
  • Reduce repetitive tasks
  • Build an innovative brand identity and generate traffic
  • Bring fun to your establishment
  • Create an innovative brand identity and inspire engaging fun
  • Generate traffic and increase sales
  • Understand and build customer loyalty
  • Motivating students for better participation
  • Excite STEM learning
  • Fun, adaptive learning for all ages
  • Attract and Engage
  • Inform and Educate
  • Free your staff from monotonous tasks
  • Motivate and Stimulate
  • Captivate and Engage
  • Balance and Allocate
  • Accompany you throughout your day with a positive attitude
  • Interact and entertain the whole family
  • Motivate kids to learn and improve their creativity

The Robot Gurus

Fabrice Goffin and Tommy Deblieck are the masterminds behind the unique, interactive experiences in ZoraBots. Their goal is to create robots that improve the lives of everyone.

Where did their inspiration come from? They thank Star Wars, Qatar, R2D2 and a dark bar.

The backstory: Fabrice and Tommy, who have known each other for several years before, found themselves in a dark bar in Qatar in the midst of a heated discussion about Star Wars. Suddenly they had the breakthrough that allowed the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place to set the course of ZoraBots. Connecting over their love of awe-inspiring robots and their desire to revolutionize the healthcare and hospitality industries, Fabrice and Tommy had the idea to develop a helpful R2D2-like robot to increase the comfort and connection people have with information as well as each other.

The ZoraBots team found their first robot platform not with R2D2 but within SoftBank Robotics. Fabrice and Tommy brought the robot NAO to life by developing unique software, turning the platform into Zora, the first humanoid care-focused robot in the world.

This amazing development opened the team to additional questions- what other industries could benefit from a fun companion providing practical and customized information? With a global perspective, the ZoraBots team started to tailor their solution to a number of additional verticals including hospitality, retail, education and more.

With additional vertical markets came more robots joining the ZoraBots family to be customised into interactive, assistive companions, including James, Pepper, and Billy-Billy. ZoraBots continues to keep their eyes out for new robots with features and functionalities they can take advantage of to offer even better experiences to their customers.

The Robot Gurus in front of the headquarters in Ostend