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We are currently transforming our company to better serve your IoT, robotics and GoVirtual Metaverse needs with our software platform.
Our services remain in function as does the ZBOS-platform.


About our software platform:

The ZBOS software platform is a fully integrated, multifunctional platform able to control,
guide and link IoT, robotics and Metaverses in both the real and virtual world. The entire
platform operates with a no-code system: a unique environment of building blocks that can
be used without technical skills.

The MQTT-compatible software is capable of controlling more than 10 million IoT smart
devices from more than 2,000 different brands, and its fully open API allows integration with
other platforms. The software platform controls all available robotics to perform complex
tasks at the desired time and can shape virtual worlds, recreating them each time with the
no-code system, where scanned people can interact as avatars.

The IoT smart devices, robotics and metaverses can be linked and controlled in all possible
combinations. The ZBOS software platform automates entire projects from A to Z, enabling
processes to be completed up to 20 times faster.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via: info [at]
For more information about our transformation: click here for our press release.

Our new website can be found at

Interested in our history? Check our previous Zorabots website.